The Tidioute Community Charter School CAPTIVATE Volunteer Program

Welcome to the CAPTIVATE volunteer program!

On behalf of the Tidioute Community Charter School we would like to welcome you to our volunteer program.

Volunteers are a large and very important part of the lifeblood of our charter school.  Your willingness to help make a difference is appreciated more than you know!

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome.  It is our goal to make the Tidioute Community Charter School as efficient and comfortable as possible not only for the students and teachers, but for the volunteers and parents who will be lending their time and talents to benefit this school.

Available Positions :

The list of current available volunteer positions is located in the office at the school.   We will do our best to match you up with your interests and talents with the requests from the school personnel.  If you do not know or do not have any specific area of interest we will provide many suggestions for you.  Examples of current volunteer positions include, library reader, classroom reader and copying classroom materials, dishwasher, school committee members (such as sports booster and music boosters), and cleaning, classroom and office volunteer, mowing grass and plowing snow.  If you have a particular area of interest or specific talent you would like to showcase then being a special guest speaker or providing a demonstration might be right up your alley. 

These are just a sampling of the things that volunteers at TCCS have done and are currently doing.  Remember, a charter school is very different than a regular public school.  There are many more positions where you can volunteer.  Volunteering will give you the opportunity to help in areas that are important to the everyday running of the school.  We are now permitted to think ?outside of the box? for volunteer positions that will make a difference in the school and to our children.  Volunteers are an essential part of a successful charter school.  Together we will make a difference.


Important items to be aware of:

The law requires that all volunteers working with children obtain three clearances, Act 34 and 151 for criminal background check and child abuse and Act 114 FBI Criminal History.    There is a fee per clearance but your clearances are effective indefinitely as long as you continue to volunteer at our school.  We want to be sure the TCCS is a safe place for our children.  We also want the volunteer program to enhance the existing educational program not inhibit it, therefore  the following guidelines are in place.

Captivate Program Guidelines:

1. All volunteers are required to have Act 33, Act 114 and Act 151 clearances in order to participate in the CAPTIVATE volunteer program.
2. All CAPTIVATE volunteers must sign in and out at the office every time they are volunteering at the school. 
3. All CAPTIVATE volunteers must wear volunteer badges at all times.
4. All CAPTIVATE volunteers are required to follow all of the Tidioute Community Charter Schools disciplinary rules and code of conduct.
5. No more than two parent volunteers will be permitted in a classroom at one time except for the following circumstances including but not limited to: classroom parties, school projects, or faculty request.
6.  CAPTIVATE school and classroom volunteers cannot at any time be disrespectful to employees and faculty, students and other parent volunteers including but not limited to: questioning faculty members authority, ignoring or questioning classroom rules and policies, interrupting classroom instruction.

Quote of the month::

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
- Mother Theresa

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school at: